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Materials from Live Smoke Free

Live Smoke Free has materials for renters who are being exposed to secondhand smoke in their unit and/or who want to work on a smoke-free policy at their property.


Tools for Renters Being Exposed to Secondhand Smoke

Smoke Log- document the smoke incursion into your unit

Smoke-Free Apartment Petition- collect signatures from other renters in support of the policy

Sample letters to provide to management


Legal Resources

Directory of Legal and Dispute Resolution Services

For more legal information, visit our Legal Information for Renters section.


Find a Smoke-Free Apartment

Tips for Finding a Smoke-Free Apartment

Visit Minnesota's Smoke-Free Apartments Directory


Research and Fact Sheets

For information and materials related to

  • temporary fixes that may help reduce the secondhand smoke coming into your unit, visit our Temporary Fixes, section.
  • steps you can take to work on a smoke-free policy with your manager, visit our Strategies for Renters section.
  • tobacco smoke, visit our Tobacco Smoke Facts section.
  • how a smoke-free policy would benefit property managers, visit the Benefits section in our property managers tab.


Resources for your Property Manager

Live Smoke Free is able to provide free assistance, support and signage to managers who want to go smoke free. If you would like to provide more information to your manager about the free resources available to them, visit our Materials section and our Steps to Go Smoke Free section in the property manager tab.