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Smoke-Free Housing Advocates and Smoke-Free Multi-Housing

Many people are interested in smoke-free housing. If you work for a public health organization, legal resource center, social service organization, or educational institution, here are some reasons why smoke-free housing policies benefit our communities.

If you want to learn how your organization can work with Live Smoke Free to promote smoke-free multi-housing, please contact us.

Minnesota Technical Assistance

The Association for Nonsmokers MN, Live Smoke Free’s parent organization, received a Tobacco Free Communities Technical Assistance grant from the Minnesota Department of Health to support grantees in Minnesota working on smoke-free housing initiatives.

Through this project, Live Smoke Free can provide assistance with:

  •   Consultations
  •   Program development materials
  •   Educational and training resources
  •   Sample smoke-free housing policy adoption and implementation tools

For further information about ANSR’s technical assistance team, visit the ANSR website.

To view available technical assistance materials available to smoke-free housing advocates in Minnesota, click here.

 National Technical Assistance

In 2011, Live Smoke Free received a Communities Putting Prevention to Work (CPPW) Mentoring grant from the Minnesota Department of Health to provide training and technical assistance to health professionals working on smoke-free housing around the country.

Through this project, Live Smoke Free:

  •  Presented a nine-part webinar series called “Stages of Smoke-Free Multi-Unit Housing Program Development.”
  • Created a training manual entitled “Developing a Smoke-Free Multi-Unit Housing Program: A Guide for Tobacco Control Professionals.” 
  • Developed a booklet for property managers called “An Apartment Manager’s Guide to Adopting a Smoke-Free Building Policy in the United States.” 

View and order these resources here. These materials are free* to smoke-free housing advocates throughout the United States while supplies last. *Shipping charges may apply.