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Healthier Buildings, Happier Residents,
A Smart Investment.

The Benefits of a Smoke-Free Policy

Multi-housing owners, managers, and residents can all benefit from a smoke-free policy. Smoke-free buildings are cost-effective, safe, and healthy.

View our video about the benefits of smoke-free housing!


Click on the headers to learn more about each benefit.

  • Market advantages: Buildings may be able to attract more renters by going smoke free.
    Research shows that renters want smoke-free housing! Many renters are even willing to pay more rent and make other sacrifices, such as walking farther to a bus stop or driving farther to work, to live in a smoke-free building. (1)
  • Reduced costs: Cleaning costs are lower when you don’t have to scrub, paint, and replace items in an apartment that smell like smoke or are covered in residue.
  • Reduced fire risk: Smoking-related fires are deadly and costly. By going smoke-free, you eliminate the source of smoking-related fires.
  • Smoke-free policies are legal: A building owner/manager can legally make a rental building (or entire property) completely smoke free. *This link takes you into the property manager section of our website
  • Protection from secondhand smoke: All residents, guests, and staff members are protected from the serious health dangers associated with secondhand smoke exposure.
  • Additional benefits to going smoke free:
  1. Potential insurance savings
  2. Fewer complaints from residents
  3. Credit toward "green" certifications (like LEED)
  4. Credit toward a Low-Income Housing Taxing Credit (LIHTC) Qualified Allocation Plan (QAP)