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National Smoke-Free Housing Program Resources 


Global Directory of Smoke-Free Multi-Housing Programs

There are many smoke-free housing programs like Live Smoke Free around the United States and in several other countries. Live Smoke Free maintains a directory of these programs which you can access below. If you do not find a program in your area, call your county or state health department to ask if a local program exists.

View the Global Directory: Global Directory of Smoke-Free Multi-Housing Programs

*The Global Directory is updated on a yearly basis.


Tools for Creating a Smoke-Free Housing Program


In 2011-2012, Live Smoke Free received a Communities Putting Prevention to Work Mentoring Supplement from the Minnesota Department of Health to mentor communities throughout the US on developing a smoke-free housing program. 

The training materials below are results of that work. If you have questions about these resources, please feel free to contact Live Smoke Free at or 651-646-3005.


 Resources for Property Managers and Owners


Resources for Public Health Professionals

  • Manual: A 215-page, 12-chapter manual providing tobacco control professionals with in-depth information on creating and sustaining a smoke-free muilti-unit housing program: "Developing a Smoke-Free Multi-Unit Housing Program: A Guide for Tobacco Control Professionals." To order a copy of the manual, use this order form. Live Smoke Free reserves the right to limit quantities. Shipping costs may apply.

Developing a Smoke-Free Multi-Unit Housing Program: A Guide for Tobacco Control Professionals

"It has been highly recommended as a must have educational resource."                                                      ~Carol Meschkow, Tobacco Action Coalition of LI


  • Webinars: "Stages of Smoke-free Housing Program Development Webinar Series." Between October 2011 and March 2012, Live Smoke Free hosted a 9-part webinar series discussing topics related to building and maintaining a smoke-free housing program. Webinars featured expert speakers and allowed listeners to learn what's happening in the smoke-free housing movement around the country.