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Healthier Buildings, Happier Residents,
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Adopting a Smoke-Free Building Policy:
A Three-Part Series for Apartment Managers

Part One: Contemplation | Part Two: Adoption | Part Three: Implementation

Apartment managers and owners often go through three stages when adopting a smoke-free policy. Live Smoke Free has designed these materials to meet the needs of managers and owners whether they are in the stage of contemplation, adoption, or implementation.

These steps represent folders of information that Live Smoke Free has available. If you would like to receive hard copies of the folders and their contents, please contact Live Smoke Free. For smoke-free housing programs who are inspired by our work, we ask that you contact us prior to reproducing, modifying or sharing our work, and that you credit us for the initial creation of these resources; we are very proud of the hardwork and creativity that went into making these resources.


Step Three: "I Have a Smoke-Free Building!":

Thank you for protecting the health of your residents by adopting a smoke-free building policy! You have made a smart decision that will protect your investment in your building and the health of your residents.

You may have already noticed that smoke-free policies lead to buildings that are healthier, safer and cleaner. Browse the materials in "Promoting Your Smoke-Free Apartment Building" to discover ways in which you can market your building to prospective residents!

We look forward to helping you promote your newest amenity: smoke-free air!

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"Promoting Your Smoke-Free Apartment Building "

Your smoke-free policy is an amenity that renters are looking for! Promote your smoke-free policy just like you would promote a pool, fitness center, or underground parking. Contact Live Smoke Free to learn more about how we can help you create a customized promotion plan for your smoke-free policy.