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Adopting a Smoke-Free Building Policy:
A Three-Part Series for Apartment Managers

Part One: Contemplation | Part Two: Adoption | Part Three: Implementation

Apartment managers and owners often go through three stages when adopting a smoke-free policy. Live Smoke Free has designed these materials to meet the needs of managers and owners whether they are in the stage of contemplation, adoption, or implementation.

These steps represent folders of information that Live Smoke Free has available. If you would like to receive hard copies of the folders and their contents, please contact Live Smoke Free. For smoke-free housing programs who are inspired by our work, we ask that you contact us prior to reproducing, modifying or sharing our work, and that you credit us for the initial creation of these resources; we are very proud of the hardwork and creativity that went into making these resources.


Step Two: "I've Decided to adopt a Smoke-Free Policy":

Methods for Adopting a Smoke-Free Building Policy

  • “Phase-In” Method: Begin having new renters who move into the building sign a smoke-free lease addendum immediately. Announce the policy change to current residents and have them sign a smoke-free lease addendum at the time of their lease renewal.
  • “Quit Date” Method: Decide what date you would like the building to go smoke free. Give your residents proper notification of the policy change and tell them that they must sign a smoke-free lease addendum if they wish to continue living in the building.


These materials will help you implement your smoke-free policy:

Introductory Materials

Fact Sheets

Sample Documents and Tools


"Enforcing Your Building's Smoke-Free Policy"Enforcement

By enforcing your smoke-free policy, you are showing all of your residents that you believe in the importance of the policy and the importance of protecting them from secondhand smoke. Enforce your smoke-free policy the same way you would enforce current building policies. In some cases, that could mean verbal warnings, written warnings, monetary fines, or even eviction.

  • Notice of Infraction form (complaint form to be filled out by manager and given to a resident who is in violation of the smoke-free policy) (pdf) (Word document)