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Materials from Live Smoke Free

Live Smoke Free offers free materials for property owners and managers who want to make their building and/ or property in Minnesota smoke free.

We love to support other smoke-free housing advocates with their work, however we ask that you contact us prior to reproducing, modifying or sharing our work, and that you credit us for the initial creation of these resources. We are very proud of the hardwork and creativity that went into making these resources. Thank you!

Policy Adoption Materials | Building Signage | Promotions | Additional Information and Materials 


Policy Adoption Materials 

Here are materials to help you adopt a smoke-free policy for your building and/ or property:

Resident Survey
Resident Notification Letter
Model Smoke-Free Policy for Housing Authorities
Model Smoke-Free Lease Addendum (English)

  • Model Smoke-Free Lease Addendum, Cover Sheet, and Exemption Form (Spanish/ English)
  • Model Smoke-Free Lease Addendum, Cover Sheet, and Exemption Form (Hmong/ English)
  • Model Smoke-Free Lease Addendum, Cover Sheet, and Exemption Form (Vietnamese/ English)
  • Model Smoke-Free Lease Addendum, Cover Sheet, and Exemption Form (Somali/ English)
  • Model Smoke-Free Lease Addendum, Cover Sheet, and Exemption Form (Oromo/ English)

Contact Live Smoke Free to receive customizable Word documents of the above documents.

For more information and materials to help you adopt a smoke-free policy, visit our Steps to Go Smoke-Free page.


Building Signage

Now that you have gone smoke-free, utilize our FREE signs and resident reminders to help communicate your policy to guests and remind your residents.

These Common Area Signs and Clings are available to any Minnesota property regardless of whether or not they are smoke-free.

Common Area Sign and Cling order form


The following signs and promotional materials are available to any Minnesota property that has a smoke-free policy. Before you order, please read all of the considerations listed under the link to the order form.

Window/ Door Clings

Outdoor Metal Signs 12" x 18"

  • Smoke-Free Building
  • Smoke-Free Building (includes electronic cigarettes)*
  • Smoke-Free Property
  • Smoke-Free Property (includes electronic cigarettes)*
  • No Smoking Beyond This Point (establishes a smoke-free perimeter)







*Electronic cigarettes must specifically be mentioned in your smoke-free policy to receive those signs.

Individual Unit Door Sign 3.5" x 5"

Lawn Sign 18" x 24"

Resident Reminders  

  • Key Chain
  • Magnetic Notepad






 Pictured left to right: Individual Unit Door Sign, Lawn Sign, Key Chain, and Magnetic Notepad

 To order: print our smoke-free materials order form and fax/ mail to Live Smoke Free.

  • Smoke-free policies must cover a minimum of 100% of the indoor areas to receive our signs.
  • Orders won't be filled without a copy of the smoke-free policy.
  • Live Smoke Free reserves the right to limit the size of an order based upon available materials.
  • Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping.



Now that you have a smoke-free building, promote it!

Add your smoke-free buildings to the Minnesota Smoke-Free Housing Directory. All renters who call the Live Smoke Free office looking for smoke-free housing are referred to this site; it receives 3,000+ views a month. Let us help you promote your smoke-free building. Log in to create a free account today.

Shout or wave your new policy from the rooftops! Live Smoke Free lets smoke-free properties in the Twin Cities borrow a smoke-free banner for their building. Banners are loaned out for one month and the property is responsible for returning them. Access our banner order form.

For other promotional materials and tips, visit our section about smoke-free policy promotion.


Additional Information and Materials

For information and materials related to

For information and materials specific to renters, visit the renter tab.
For information and materials specifc to common interest communities, visit the CIC tab.