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Archived Housing Industry Webinars

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Adopting a Smoke-Free Policy in Market Rate Apartment Buildings

Listen to our webinar about adopting a smoke-free policy for your market rate aparment building. This webinar is geared toward property managers and owners. You will hear from Warren Ortland, an attorney with the Public Health Law Center as well as Kara Skahen and Rose Hauge from the Live Smoke Free program. This webinar discusses the benefits of adopting a smoke-free policy, the legalities of going smoke-free, steps for policy adoption, and emerging topics currently affecting housing including e-cigarettes, medical marijuana and incense.


Smoke-Free Housing: All Your Questions Answered

Listen to our webinar about smoke-free housing and emerging issues including: electronic cigarettes, medical marijuana, and incense. This webinar is geared toward managers who already have a smoke-free policy and for those interested in adopting one. You will hear from Kara Skahen, Program Director of Live Smoke Free and Warren Ortland, an attorney with the Public Health Law Center. 


Smoke-Free Senior Housing: Promoting Successful Smoke-Free Policies

Listen to our webinar about smoke-free policy adoption in senior housing. This webinar covers smoke-free benefits that are unique to senior properties, tips for successful implementation and compliance among senior residents, and a question and answer session with the property manager of a smoke-free senior property. You will hear from Rose Hauge, Community Outreach Coordinator with Live Smoke Free, Shelly Bakken, a Property Manager with CommonBond Communities and Warren Ortland, an attorney with the Public Health Law Center.


Smoke-Free Housing 2.0: Emerging Topics

This is a videotaped recording of a session we co-presented with a representative of the Public Health Law Center at the 2015 MHA Working Together Conference. Here is the session's description: "As the smoke-free housing movement matures and advances beyond a novel idea to an accepted practice, new questions are being raised by property owners and managers on issues ranging from how to implement smoke-free policies in federally subsidized buildings, to how to deal with emerging issues like electronic cigarettes, medicalmarijuana, and incense use within the building. This session will review these topics, and provide some guidance as to how managers of multi-unit properties can address these issues in their buildings. Presented by Kara Skahen, Live Smoke Free and Scott Kelley, Public Health Law Center."