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Property Managers and Smoke-Free Multi-Housing

Smoke-free housing policies, are easy to implement, legal to adopt and can improve a manager's bottom line. Smoke free policies also help property managers protect their residents from the dangers of secondhand smoke and provide many other benefits. You can read our guidebook An Apartment Manager's Guide to Adopting a Smoke-free Building Policy for an overview to adopting a smoke-free policy.

Are you considering adopting a policy for your multi-unit buildings? Find answers to your questions:

Get the materials and resources you need:

Live Smoke Free has materials to walk you through the whole smoke-free policy adoption and implementation process, including:

Smoke-free Housing Directory:

The Smoke-Free Housing Directory is a free service for property managers to list their Minnesota buildings that are currently smoke free. Live Smoke Free directs all renter inquiries about smoke-free housing to this online directory. You can create and manage your own account here: Manager Account

A smoke-free policy is a unique and valuable amenity that you can provide your residents. Contact Live Smoke Free for a free consultation on how you can adopt a smoke-free policy for your rental buildings!

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