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Smoke-Free Housing Testimonials

Don't just take our word for it, read what other property managers and professionals in the housing industry are saying about smoke-free housing:



On Going Smoke Free

"We are super excited to begin the process of going smoke free. This is going to be beneficial for everyone that lives here! Many times over the past year we have been challenged with residents not being able to enjoy their homes due to their neighbor smoking. This new smoke free policy will resolve that issue. We would do everything we could to try and stop the smoke from filtering into the neighboring residents apartment home but it was never enough to completely resolve the issue, and that wasn't fair to the resident that didn’t smoke.In addition to the health of our residents and our on-site staff we will be saving the owners money by reducing the cost of our turns. Our residents are excited to go smoke free and so are we!"

-Jennifer Smith, Property Manger of Steven Scott Management's Aspenwoods Apartments in Eagan, MN



On Being Smoke Free

“As an apartment manager, I could say that the main reason for having a smoke-free building is the maintenance cost savings, and that’s it’s easier not to have to deal with tenant complaints and safety concerns about smokers. But the indisputable benefit for having a smoke free building is our Ebenezer senior apartment community’s objective to promote healthful and meaningful aging and the best possible quality of life.”

-Denise Bierle-Svec, Property Manager of Ebenezer's Ridge Point Apartments in Burnsville, MN


Resident Quits As Smoke-Free Policy Goes into Effect

“When we began with our complex being a smoke free property I thought we were going to run into major problems with the residents. Actually it has been a very rewarding experience.

One resident that was a very heavy smoker we found out that she quit when the complex became smoke free. The maintenance tech was fixing something for her and he was having a conversation with her and asked her if she was having a hard time the going off the complex to smoke. She said no and that she had quit smoking because of it. The maintenance technician came back to me, the manager and told me of the conversation, so I decided to reward her with a congratulations note and keep up the good work. She replied with a note of her own, “Dear Staff of Walnut Place, I want to thank you for your card. Your words of praise and encouragement have meant a lot to me. Believe it or not, but I think the maintenance technician, Gary has been my greatest supporter in quitting! This means a great deal to me!” She also informed me when her year anniversary was for her quitting smoking and a thank you again for our encouragement. So now I have it along with others on my desk calendar when their anniversaries are and send the cards of praise. According to this one resident our encouragement was the only encouragement that she had received so it meant a lot to her. ”

-Joanne Swanson, Property Manager of Walnut Place, Rockford, MN