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Common Area Sign Order Form

Signs for Smoke-Free Common Areas
Order Form for Minnesota Multi-Unit Housing Owners

Minnesota State law requires all indoor common areas of apartment buildings (with three or more rented living units) to be smoke free (Min ยง 144.413 subd.2). Live Smoke Free offers free signs to display in your common areas to inform your residents and guests that the common areas are smoke free.

Some of the indoor common areas covered under the state law include:
  • Hallways
  • Building entryways
  • Laundry rooms
  • Party/community rooms
  • Underground garages
  • Indoor swimming areas
  • Rental and maintenance offices

  • If you would like more information about the state law, please contact the Indoor Air Unit at the Minnesota Department of Health at 651-201-4601 or visit

    **Due to limited quantities, the maximum number of signs each property can receive is 5 signs per rental building. Live Smoke Free reserves the right to limit orders based on materials available.**

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    Window Cling (9"X4")
    Plastic sign (9"X4")(has adhesive on back and grommets for nails/screws)
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    3) Does Your Building/Property Have a Smoke-Free Policy Beyond the Common Areas?
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    If Yes, please provide the following information:
    Date the smoke-free policy went into Effect
    Number of Smoke-Free Buildings
    Number of Smoke- Free Units
    Smoke-Free Policy Details(check all that apply):
    Smoking Prohibited in All Units Smoking Prohibited in Entryways Smoking Prohibited in Entire Property
    Smoking Prohibited in Some Units (Explain):
    Current Smokers Grandfathered Until
    Number of Smokers Grandfathered
    Print out the Common Area Sign and Cling order form.
    If you have a smoke-free policy, additional signage is available.